Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Camping With My Homeboys

This was usually only half of our
group. You can imagine how
much of a party it was.
When I was little, we always used to go to Capitol Reef National Park at least once a year with a group of families that my family has known pretty much since I was born. We often went with about five families, but sometimes there would be as many as ten. My adorable-ness attracted a lot of people, I guess. So there would be around 25 of us, at a minimum. We always reserved this huge group site. I remember a lot of things about Capitol Reef, but what I remember the most is that it was always so much fun. A typical day would include one or more of the following (what I mean by that is all of the following):
  • Hiking
    • We hiked a lot. I enjoyed the hikes where we were able to frolic in the streams.
  • Eating
    • Each family would take turns making dinner and breakfast for everyone, but everyone was on their own for lunch.
  • Tree-Climbing
    • Of the sloth type
  • Soccer playing
  • Los caballos. (The horses. De nada).
    (You're welcome).
    • What can I say, I started at a young age.
  • Swimming
  • Horse watching
    • There was a fenced pasture behind our site with about four horses. All the girls would admire them from a distance and try to feed them grass when they walked up to us.
  • Maniac running
    • I think this is self explanatory, but for those of you who had an awful childhood, it’s when you run around like an axe murderer.
  • Softball playing
  • Partying (seven year old style)
  • Star gazing
  • Limbo-ing
  • Campfire singing
    • I know a song that gets on everybody’s nerves. SHUT UP I WILL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP.
  • Sleeping
    • Yay.
I have only the best memories of that place, and we went so often that when I think of my childhood, I think of Capitol Reef. We haven’t been back there for about four years now, but I think it would be so much fun to go back again with everybody. I'm not sure if everyone would come back in one piece; the limbo-ing and maniac running might be a little dangerous, but hey, I do know that it would be a blast, and that's all that matters. :)

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