Thursday, April 11, 2013

Caution: Falling Coconuts

There is a story. It goes somewhat like this:

Once there was a girl who went with her family to Hawaii. This girl got to Hawaii, and was then happy. “Hawaii is a fun place” she said. She did all kinds of fun activities, like snorkeling, paddle boarding, hiking, tanning, swimming, eating, frolicking, and other watercraft activities. Hawaii was warm and sunny. It was a delightful time. Then, the girl’s parents said “This has been fun. Now we shall return to our humble abode in the polar region of the America.” The girl said “No”. Her parents said “Yes”. The girl said “No”. Her parents said “Yes”. The girl did not want to leave Hawaii. She liked being able to frolic in the warm temperatures. The girl was then forced onto the plane by which she would return to her native land. The girl was sad. Once they arrived home, the girl was still sad. She was tan, but she was sad. She wanted to go back to Hawaii. She still wants to go back to Hawaii. In the girl’s current residence, it is 26 degrees and snowing. SNOWING. It is also April. The girl did not live happily ever after in Hawaii. She is freezing and sad. The end.

The hotel that we stayed in.
The tears are welling up...
This girl was me, if you couldn’t tell. In 2009 we accompanied my father on a business trip to Hawaii for work. We stayed in a super nice hotel for about a week. While my dad was off discussing radiology finance, my mom, my sister and I pranced around in the tropical paradise doing anything we pleased. Ha. (I probably shouldn’t be laughing...he did pay for my plane ticket...and my phone...and soccer...) What I meant is, thank you loving father for everything you have done for us. I will gladly do the dishes tonight.

The beach where my sister got stung
by a jellyfish. Ha. Ah-em.
Besides the fact the my dad was there for work, it couldn’t have been a better trip. Except for that my sister got stung by a jellyfish. Ha. Ha. Good times. Moving on. Hawaii may be part of the USA, but it is almost like another world. The things we saw and the things we did were so different than anywhere else, it was amazing. A beautiful beach placed in volcanic cool. It was five years ago, and although I remember most everything, there are certain memories that stick out the most.
Just one of the hundreds of
pictures I took. What can I say, I'm
a professional.
  • We hiked to this secluded beach, but when we got there we found that it was actually inhabited. By roosters.
  • My sister and I played Hunger Games on the paddle-board.
  • The restaurant at the hotel had mini ketchup bottles. I accidentally grabbed about seven of those and accidentally put them in my suitcase.
  • We had a hard core trick competition in the pool. I was able to do a handstand.
  • I was in a phase called ‘I’m planning on being a photographer when I’m older’, so I took pictures of everything, from lizards to volcanoes that I may or may not have been a little bit afraid of. I didn’t understand the meaning of inactive, okay?
  • Toby Maguire, ladies and gentlemen.
    I know you probably haven't heard
    of him, but he is famous!
  • We saw Toby Maguire in the Hawaii airport. He is famous.
Hawaii was such an amazing trip, and I love recalling all the fun memories I have of it, especially while I watch snow fall in April. I can’t wait to go back!
The pool at our hotel. I am
officially crying now.

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