Friday, May 10, 2013


 Over the course of my life, I have hiked a lot. We hike when we go camping, so I’ve hiked ever since I started hiking. I could fix that, or I could not. I will choose the latter. turned my OCD grammar switch to the off position, so you will all just have to deal with that grammatical error.

I’ve been on all different kinds of hikes. Short hikes, long hikes, right hikes, wrong hikes. You name it, I’ve hiked it. Here is a short repertoire of all the hikes I’ve hiked. Hike.
  • When I was about nine, I hiked a ten mile hike. If you think this sounds fun, you’re wrong. “Come with us,” they said. “It will be fun,” they said. (Insert incredibly embarrassing picture of Kristen in pain here).
  • Do not, I repeat, do not get lost while camping. One way to avoid doing this is to stay on the trail. I got so tired and frustrated, so I started booking it to get home. My mom followed me, but we ended up walking about half a mile off-trail. As I learned, that usually results in a crying child and a small search party.
  • Water hikes! Yeahhh. 60 degree water feels good when it’s 90 degrees and sunny.
  • Ice hiking is slightly dangerous. Make sure you have a decent pair of shoes. I would advise against the type that have zero-traction.
  • No matter where we hike, we always bring some incentives. Candy usually works best, just not chocolate. Chocolate usually melts when it’s hot, and it’s fairly difficult to clean chocolate out of a backpack.
So, do I hate hiking? Yes. But do I really hate hiking? Not at all. It’s actually really fun. It’s outside, it’s social, we hike to amazing places, and I get to eat a lot of food (which is a huge bonus). I’m pumped to go hike some more!

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